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Jul. 18th, 2009 10:51 pm
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I may have actually flailed a bit when I found it in the comics shop. A bit.
And then proceded to almost shove it into Cate's nose and jump around knocking mangas off their shelves and walk out of the shop grinning like a maniac. And then keep on the creepy smile for, like, twenty minutes. Maybe less.
I love it. Love it love it LOVE IT. But I need a re-read to rec it properly. (Pff, like you could exspect more than a "yay it's awesome!!!1!eleventy" from me.)

Also, I bought One Piece 16 & 18, Sandman 16 & 17, Cesare 1 & 2 and Life 22. Already read Life - epic as always, and I like that after THE SADDEST STORY EVER we're finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel of Doom. In the form of public umiliations and almost murder :°D Yay happy ending! For fuck's sake why I always follow quadrimestral series? Is that even a world? I don't think so, since having to wait four frigging months to see the nex issue of... everything is clearly mental cruelty, as far as I know. *sighs*
Next on the list are Sandmand, then OP. Then I'll bang Cesare against my head until all the awesomeness of the manga will enter my mind by osmosis, so I'll be able to write fucking Cesare threesomes. The only problem is my mom stole it the moment I put it out of my bag. Dear Lord. D'you think she'll give it back if I say I need it to write historically incorrect porn?
Comics shopping days are always bright days <3


May. 28th, 2009 07:36 pm
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Welcome to world Bandit! \O/
Gerard, I don't even want to know if Lindsay actually knows how you're gonna name her daughter, but atm I'm chinhand-ing at the image of your baby girl. *chinhands* *squees*
Omg, in fifteen years we'll have a girl version of Gerard *clasps hands* Well, MORE girly! I'm overwhelmed by the cuteness, I tell ya.
Bandom, keep breeding ♥

In altre happy happy news, ho finito la bday!fic per [livejournal.com profile] eyes_of_venom! :D *si abbassa per schivare gli sputi*
È stato un parto °_° Ho iniziato con un'idea poi ho preso una strada OPPOSTA, nel senso di opposto che può esserci tra Cheers!Gerard e Parade!Gerard, per rendere l'idea XD E a metà ho di nuovo cambiato idea, ma in questo caso era solo un cambio di direzione della trama.
Grazie a dio ci pensavano [livejournal.com profile] mrs_toro_or e [livejournal.com profile] harleen313 a... be', minacciarmi violentemente e insultarmi con molto capslock e molto corsivo - rispettivamente - per mandarmi avanti, e ahimè è un sistema che funziona. (Ma mettetevi l'anima in pace, la mia schiavista ufficiale è B e nessuno può intimidire meglio di lei. Quindi posate quelle mazze!)
Tempo un paio di giorni per sistemarla e rileggerla e sarà sui vostri schermi :D

E per chiudere, meme! Fregato a [livejournal.com profile] nessie_sun :3

Scrivete le vostre 10 coppie preferite (het, slash, canon, fanon) provando a nominare fandom sempre diversi.

Naruto: Genma/Raidou
One Piece: Sanji/Zoro
High School Musical: Chad/Ryan What? XD
Buffy: Willow/Tara Disprezzo Kennedy-con-Willow con tutta me stessa, e non metto Spike/Buffy solo perchè Buffy non se lo merita >_>
Harry Potter: Remus/Sirius It's puppylove!
Criminal Minds: Reid/Ethan Il mio OTP si basa su tre minuti di riprese in tutta la serie :D [From 1' 48"]
Ranma 1/2: Ranma/Akane Takahashi, sei l'unica che riesce a farmi piacere l'het <3
Bandom > FOB: Andy/Joe
Bandom > MCR: Frank/Gerard
Bandom > Panic: Jon/Spencer sry Harl /o\
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I'm practically peeing in my pants from the glee. I'll get my face stuck like :D and my arms like \O/ as soon as the room'll be empty and I'll be able to squee like a maniac. My parents don't need any more concerning-material, they're sure enough I ought to visit an asylum like this.
U guys. U GUYS.

It's the freakin' AU where Gerard is a priest! If you've ever talked with me for more than five minutes you'll know how much of a sucker I am for this stuff. But! Gerard is the hot priest! 4/5 of MCR + Brian are piercer/hairdresser/tattoo artist! And they fight evil!
In I'v been all things unholy Frank is cursed and gets stigmata! And Gerard comes to help bringing UST, random religious knowledge, free interpretations of the Bible, and books! And everyone is a dork and fangirls Buffy all the time MY HEART, BE STILL.
And in Staring through the demons they save lives on the road! And THERE ARE FOB and this time Pete is cursed and Patrick is a poor motherfucker! They fight MORE evil and there is MORE UST and the end is INSANE.
When the second part came out, I flailed via msn to [livejournal.com profile] harleen313 so hard, man, it was ridiculous. And then after finishing it I went on and on forever with an endless /O\ /O\ /O\ /O\! It's just that the end is made of EVIL and I've been waiting for the last part with fingers crossed and an indecent amount of flailing.

In less capslocked words, seriously: [livejournal.com profile] bexless is a genius. She's written some of the most gorgeous MCR fanfic I've ever read. Everything I know about picspams I learnt it from her. She's smart and sweet and crazy and writes like a GODDESS.
The Unholyverse is a work of epic proportions of +180K words. The technical stuff is accurate and interesting and I admit that I've learnt a lot about religion and Bible from this fanfic. Even about art, there's a lot about art and, being Italian, it's adorable how Italian saints and artist keep being named during the story.
This story makes you laugh like a fool, it's kind of embarassing. God, I'll probably print and put under my pillow to cuddle it forever the bit where they are all doing research to find out what the fuck is happening to Frank, and they start talking about Buffy. Fangirling Buffy. Recasting Buffy, god how are they even real? I fall from the chair giggling just thinking about it.
And this story makes you cry too. I shouldn't count because I cry whatching Disney stuff and crappy romantic films, I'd cry reading Harmonies, but. But this universe is mind-breaking and at the end of Staring through the demons I dare you to be all serious and calm and not crying your eyes out.
(But hopefully the third part will bring rainbows and unicorns and smut!)
Then, there's the fact that Gerard is a priest. The UST hits you like a train. Frank is SO fallen for Gerard it's not even funny, poor bastard, and Gerard... well. Vocation crisis all around! Oh, and there is Ray/Mikey too. But... no, okay, I can't spoiler. *clasps mouth and starts giggling*
The characters are amazing and perfect, even FOB, that aren't Bex speciality, are solid and... well, they're still Fall Out Boy, touring and fanservice-ing and being stupid.
Here's the masterlist! There are wonderful art and fanmixes too ♥

Seriously, flist, read everything by Bexless or I'll punch you.
(I'm probably looking way too creepy, right?)

...and now I'm going to JUMP FROM A CLIFF because I can't - I can't read it now. I've essays to do and shit to study and if I started, you wouldn't see me around for the next week (and when you'd see me again I'd be unbearable and you'd shoot me, so this conversation is pointless, I need to jump from that cliff). God /o\
Fic, why 680000 words long?
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Quando la luce salta e fuori piove, l'unica soluzione è prendere il portatile e al posto di portare avanti una delle quattrocento cose iniziate mettersi a scrivere pensieri in libertà. In inglese. Il mio stato mentale è seriamente compromesso, specie se il tempo è imoh e io pure. Non dite che non vi avevo avvisato.
Piena di errori, che lì resteranno fino a domani. Ora non ho voglia di riguardarla.

Snippet (aka: there's a billion ways I'm so freakin ridiculous & in love with these two) )


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